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Inspired by this piece.


Inspired by this piece.

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9x19 AU

Yes, yes and thousand more yes’s! 

thank you so much!

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The Sam Winchester Meme: ★ favorite quotes [1/8]

"And I don’t care what it takes. I’m gonna get you out of this. Guess I gotta save your ass for a change."
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help me upload hoje eu quero voltar sozinho on the internet!!!!!!


so, okay, i told my followers i was gonna record the movie on the cinema and then sub it. and well, i did go to the cinema today and everything was perfect BUT THEN the movie stopped recording because i ran out of space on my memory card.

the thing is, i don’t ever use my camera, srsly, and the memory card in it only has 2gb, especially because i dont tend to like take a lot of pictures and shit.

nooooooow i need to buy a new memory card AND pay for another THREE tickets (because i need not buy the other tickets right next to me so i dont have people seeing that i’m filming the movie, you know)

so i’m asking you all your help so i can bring the movie to you. because i can’t take this money out of my own pocket, ok, it’s too much money i wish i could and i’m hoping that since i’m going a favor to all of you. (i’m gonna record the movie and THEN subtitle it, which will take me like at least three days of working non stop) you can help me out too :)

to donate you can go to my blog and click the donate button on paypal. any small amount already helps, ok? $5 helps, $10 helps, etc.

just so you have an idea how much money i need

  • $40 for a memory card with at least 16gb of memory
  • $20 for the tickets
  • $5 for batteries for my camera

if you can help cover at least the memory card money, i’ll be fricking glad. i’m seriously not doing this to get a new memory card. i literally don’t use my camera ever in my life. (the last time i had turned it on was on july 2013 and that was like 8 months ago lmao).

so please help me out so i can help you :)))

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A quick fill for the spnkink-meme on Live Journal. Prompt: corsetted!Jared. (Photoshop CS6)

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"The latent homoerotic suggestiveness of the Winchesters’ intense relationship"

- The New York Times. (x)

What a great day to be a Wincest shipper!

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So get this.


I’ve made those pillowplushies above. They are available as preorder in [my storenvy store]. In depth description and (to be updated) schedule details are listed [here].

Preorders (and this giveaway) ends 20th April 11:59PM GMT.

  • If necessary amount of plushies won’t be ordered I’ll return all the money within 3 days (23rd April).
  • If miracle happens and they are super popular I’ll let you know if estimated shipping will take longer than 2 weeks after I receive printed material (~18th May?) I’ll let you know via email.

I can mix for you any front with any back (for one character, Dean in lingerie is an exception) just leave me a note while filing an order :)


I’m reaching 2k followers here which is awesome and calls for giveaway. Besides that I kinda need to spread this info about preorders plus I have those trial (meaning not 100% as perfect as final sold version will be) pillowplushies to give :3

Rules are as follows:

  • There will be three winners. Each will get one pillowplushie (first place chooses first etc) plus little extra surprise ;)
  • Only reblogs count (please don’t delete description!)
  • You don’t have to follow me (but giveaway reblog blogs and so on doesn’t count)
  • I ship worldwide.
  • Please have your askbox open. If you don’t answer within 3 days I’ll choose next winner (that will automatically have 3rd place)
  • Giveaway ends 20th April.

Good luck! ;)


It seems I will not have access to my computer on Sunday that’s why officially:

I’m prolonging preorders/giveaway till 21st April 11:59 PM GMT

Sorry for the confusion. I forgot about holidays craziness when I set up this giveaway/preorders and that apparently I won’t be back home till Monday.

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Men are so sexy in sheer undies 


Men are so sexy in sheer undies 

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Anonymous asked: "Would it be possible for you to change : <br/> ( Posts > My Mood / Followers > Vampires / Activity > Heart Beats / Customize > Transfer / liked posts > Bites / Following > Watching / Find blogs > Seek Blood ) ... Thank you"
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Anonymous asked: "Riddle me this.... WHO ARE YOU _______?"

Idk what yer talking about…

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